Is Your Air Purifier Working? How to Check

A simple way to check that your air purifier is working is to check the flow of air leaving the device. Air purifiers have a fan that draws air from inside the room and expels clean air after filtering out harmful contaminants. A functional air purifier has a clear and even airflow. If it is evident that the purifier is not expelling air, there is probably a problem.

If you can't hear anything, it's also a sign that the purifier isn't working. Conversely, if there is a lot of noise coming from the unit or it seems that the purifier is making an extreme effort to blow air, that is also a problem. You're looking for the ideal mid-sweet spot when it comes to airflow. The best way to physically examine if an air purifier works is to check its airflow.

If you find that no air is being released from your device, then there must be a problem somewhere. One of the easiest ways to tell if an air purifier works is to manually check the filter. HEPA filter and pre-filter will show signs of wear and tear. You can tell if an air cleaner works if you see dust, hair, and debris in the filter, but make sure there isn't enough to clog it.

If the HEPA filter is too dirty, it may be time to change it. The first step is to test the airflow. In general, an operating air purifier will constantly blow clean air into the room. If this isn't happening and you can't feel the air flow, there must be some problem with the air purifier. You can easily check the air flow by placing your hand in front of the air purifier unit.

An independent air quality monitor will also help. One that is not connected to the purifier can tell you what the air quality is in the room and can see the progress the unit is making. You'll need to get a reference reading. Therefore, turn off the purifier and close the windows and doors. When you get the baseline reading, turn on the purifier again and any changes to the air quality monitor can be attributed to your air cleaner.

It shouldn't take long to see a difference in air quality. If it takes several hours or doesn't change at all, then you'll know that the unit isn't working properly. The easiest way to tell if your air purifier works is to gently place your hand over the fan exhaust and feel the air flow. If you don't feel anything, it doesn't necessarily mean that the device isn't working. Try setting the fan to the highest level and try it again.

Another way to check if the air cleaner works is through the filter indicator light. If the light indicates the need for replacement, the unit will not be effective until it is replaced. Once the filter is replaced, you will need to turn off the warning light and the unit will continue to operate normally. As a result, when indoor air is clean, the purifier can blow little air, this is done to save more energy. Most air purifiers clean indoor air by passing it through special HEPA filters or a three-way filtration system to remove all dust. If you don't feel air circulation, make sure to completely remove any additional protective covers or plastic from your new filters. Some air purifiers use ultraviolet (UV) light technology to decontaminate air and surfaces by subjecting particles such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold and black mold to ultraviolet light to neutralize pollutants. For more information on how to determine if your air purifier is working properly, consider getting an independent air quality monitor or an advanced WiFi-enabled detector with a display that gives you a real-time comparison of outdoor and indoor air quality.

Keep in mind that many air purifiers automatically adjust their fans based on contaminants they detect in the air. Just because a filter indicator light is on doesn't necessarily mean that your filter needs replacing or that your device no longer works. If replacing your filter or cleaning your vent doesn't work to fix your device, it may be time for a full replacement. Air Oasis Air Purifiers are equipped with a practical lighting system that alerts you when you need to replace your filter.

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